NewAir ClearIce40 Portable Ice Maker Review

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It doesn’t take long before you realize that you really need an ice maker. Indeed, an ice-making machine can come in handy in various situations: to keep your drinks fresh, to help your ice cooler survive the heat, to celebrate your little underground bar or to keep your catch frosty.

However, all machines are not created equal since some are significantly better than others. So, where does the NewAir ClearIce40 rank? And how reliable is it?

Well, the ice maker at hand is relatively a new born but the creating brand goes way back. Indeed, NewAir has been a successful manufacturer in the industry of everything that creates ice, which is a title that the ClearIce40 proudly inherits.

Nonetheless, this is still a machine that costs double the price of an average ice maker and that calls for a serious question. What makes the ClearIce40 twice as good as its competitors?

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  • NewAir ClearIce40 is small enough to fit on any counter top
  • It's very well-built, and looks nice.
  • It's a beast as it produces up to 40 pounds of crystal clear ice cubes per day
  • It has 1 button operation which makes it easy to use (simply plug it in, add water, and expect crystal clear ice cubes in 15 minutes)
  • It Keeps ice in temporary cold storage to limit melt time
  • It Includes a side mounted drain for easy storage
  • It has a full ice basket & add water indicators
  • It comes with a removable ice bin

Dimensions 14.76"L x 11.30"W x 14.06"H
Ice Storage Capacity 2 lbs
Weight Empty 23.5 lbs
Colors Stainless Steel
Voltage / Frequency 120 V / 60 Hz
Operating Cycle 15 minutes
Ice Making Capacity Per Cycle 24 pieces
Ice Cube Size Small
Ice Making Rate 40 lbs / 24 h
Reservoir Capacity About a gallon

Measurements & Weight

NewAir ClearIce40 Ice maker reviewBefore we dive into the build quality and ice making ability if this ice maker, it is a priority to understand that this machine is considered a beast when compared to its competition as it produces a ton of crystal clear ice for its size.

Speaking of size, the ClearIce40 measures 14.76″L x 11.30″W x 14.06″H inches, making it compact and easy to transport. Additionally, and thanks to its small footprint, this ice maker machine can fit in any kitchen.

On the other end of the spectrum, the weight of the ClearIce40 is surprisingly not so daunting. Actually, the machine at hand ways around 23.15 lbs straight out of the box, which is a bit heavier than the average portable ice makers by a few pounds only. Thus, you will not require assistance to carry this ice maker around in short distances and that makes it great for home & RV use.

P.S: NewAir ClearIce40 requires a few inches of extra space around it to breathe comfortably.


You can tell a lot about the quality of an ice maker by looking at it and dare we say that this machine does look pretty good. Truly, most ice makers will showcase an ABS plastic coat whereas the ClearIce40 exhibits a high quality stainless steel body.

Considering the fact that this is an electronic device, the brand makes sure that the machine is protected on multiple levels through the shipping process, which is why you’ll always receive this product is perfect condition.

Further, the ice maker at hand might feature an all plastic interior but it is more practical than it is cheap. Indeed, the premium plastic used to make water reservoir and ice basket is of great quality.

Moreover, once you handle this ice maker physically, you are able to tell just how meticulous the build process was. The machine also doesn’t make any noise while it’s running.

Ice Making Ability

The Ice creation facility is where the ClearIce40 truly excels as it’s designed to perform and produce a ton of crystal clear ice when compared to its rivals. Indeed, carrying a heavier price tag, the machine at hand makes up for it by producing double the amount of ice per day.

Factually, the ClearIce40 makes around 40 pounds of ice per day which is impressive. Indeed, this little machine can create enough ice to fill an entire ice cooler within a few hours and that is spectacular.

Furthermore, the reason this machine stands out isn’t only its ability to create a lot of us but rather its ability to make it crystal clear. Indeed, this NewAir ice maker creates a batch of 24 clear ice cubes in a matter of minutes. Hence, the first cycle might take 15 minutes to be produced but the consequent cycles will take less time as the machine gets cooler.

Nonetheless, creating a lot of ice requires a lot of water and that calls for a big water reservoir. Speaking of which, NewAir ClearIce40 ice maker features a water reservoir of about a gallon capacity, which isn’t much by the standard. However, that will all depend on your requirement and how much ice you will be using consequently.

Fortunately, the machine at hand exhibits a smart refilling process that doesn’t require opening the machine’s main room but rather a separate chamber reserved for refill.

NewAir ClearIce40 ice maker review


Like any other ice maker, the NewAir ClearIce40 supports its claim by a series of features that are meant to help you operate the machine easily without the need of staying alert at all times. Hence, here are some of the best features of this ice maker.

  • First of all, the NewAir ice maker at hand might not feature a window on the ice creation chamber but it does come with a number of light signals that will keep you up to date with the creation process. Hence, the machine exhibits 3 signals: one to let you know that the ice bucket is full, another to let you know when to add more water and the last to let you know whether the machine is on or off.


  • The NewAir CleaIce40 features one single button which requires a long press of 5 seconds to turn the machine on. However, that is not the only minimalistic thing about this ice maker. In fact, this machine also features an easy access lid that doesn’t lock down tightly in order to make he opening/closing process less frustrating. The lid also features edges on both sides to facilitate the process even more.


  • Consequently, any machine that goes on a counter requires feet of some sort which is why this ice maker comes with premium rubber feet. Indeed, this ice maker will not budge once placed on a shelf, a counter or anything else even on a moving vehicle / RV.

NewAir ClearIce40 Portable Countertop Ice Maker Review

Final Thoughts

To wrap things up, the ClearIce40 is a unique little ice maker with so much potential and enough ambition to rank amongst the best portable ice makers that you can buy. Hence, if you’re intimidated by the price then that means you are not in need of a machine that creates so much ice and would probably be better off with a smaller, more portable ice maker. However, if you know you need something powerful and you really like clear ice then this is the perfect match for you.


  • NewAir ClearIce40 is small enough to fit on any counter top
  • It’s very well-built, and looks nice
  • It’s a beast as it produces up to 40 pounds of crystal clear ice cubes per day
  • It has 1 button operation which makes it easy to use (Simply plug it in, add water, and expect crystal clear ice cubes in 15 minutes)
  • It Keeps ice in temporary cold storage to limit melt time
  • It Includes a side mounted drain for easy storage
  • It’ll automatically stop running when the ice tray is full
  • It’s ready to use straight out of the box as it doesn’t require any installation


  • This ice maker is meant for residential use only
  • This ice maker is a bit pricey
  • It a little bit loud
  • It only makes 9 ice cubes at a time

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